Featured Project: Livelihoods and Peacebuilding in Ambon

More than a decade after the conflict between Christian and Muslim religious groups in Ambon, there is still a significant need to rebuild relationships between religious groups and to provide economic opportunities for women.

We support mixed groups of Christian and Muslim women with education and microfinance to increase access to economic opportunities in the community and the ability to have a voice in household decision making.

This encourages friendships between women from different faith backgrounds, enabling women to act as agents of peace within their families and community (read more).

Our partners also run peacebuilding activities in high schools with both Muslim and Christian attendees.

"In Ambon, most people know people of different faiths, but they’re not really connected to them. The skills we teach at the workshops are about appreciating and negotiating differences and valuing each other’s contributions and ideas. These are the skills young people need to learn if we are to build a future where peace is truly achievable." –Rev Jeny Mahupale (read more)

You can help. Your gift will support people experiencing poverty and injustice in Ambon and beyond. Click here to donate now.

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Your gift will support people experiencing poverty and injustice in Ambon and beyond. It will enable our overseas partners to fight poverty through education, health and income opportunities; raise up women and girls, build the capacity of leaders and run peacebuilding activities.

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